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1.699.900 Ft (1.338.504 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 91420-3046
Elérhetőség: Rendelhető
Átlagos értékelés: Nem értékelt
When we set out to design a new 'cross rig, we didn't just want to make another adventure bike with added tire clearance—we knew we had to create a purebred racing steed that was fast, confident, lightweight, and rides like no other 'cross bike out there. And sure, with multiple Cyclocross World Championships to its name, the CruX has more than proven itself in 'cross, but we're proud to say that this CruX takes the legacy to a whole different level. This CruX Expert comes spec'd with a reliable and smooth-shifting SRAM Force 1 hydraulic disc groupset, lightweight and durable Roval C 38 Disc carbon fiber wheelset, and 2Bliss Ready, 700x33mm Trace pro tires that hookup over nasty terrain.
Szín: Gloss Dusty Turqouise/Hyper
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Fokozatok száma 11
Középcsapágy Praxis M30
Nem Férfi
Típus Cyclocross
Évjárat 2020
Anyag Karbon
Belső gumi Presta valve, 48mm
Első fék SRAM Force, flat-mount disc
Első gumi Tracer Pro, 2Bliss Ready, 700x33mm
Első kerék Roval C 38 Disc, carbon, tubeless-ready, 38mm depth, 24h
Hajtómű Praxis Zayante Carbon M30, 1x direct-mount
Hátsó fék SRAM Force, flat-mount disc
Hátsó kerék Roval C 38 Disc, carbon, tubeless-ready, 38mm depth, 24h
Hátsó váltó SRAM Force 1, long cage
Kerék méret 700
Kormány Specialized Expert Shallow Drop, alloy, 125mm drop x 75mm reach
Kormánybefogó Specialized Pro SL, alloy, 4-bolt
Kormányszalag Specialized CX Pro Gel
Lánc KMC X11 EL, 11-speed w/ Missing Link™
Nyereg Body Geometry Phenom Expert, hollow titanium rails, carbon fiber base
Nyeregcső S-Works FACT carbon 27.2mm, 20mm offset
Pedálok Specialized Dirt
Váltókarok SRAM Force 1x hydraulic disc
Váz FACT 11r carbon, Rider-First Engineered™, OSBB, 1-3/8" lower bearing, 12x142mm thru-axle, flat-mount disc
Villa S-Works FACT 11r carbon, 12x100mm thru-axle


Starting with the frame, we implemented our Rider-First Engineered™ technology that was first introduced on our Tarmacs. Using size-specific tubes and layups, this technology allows the CruX to feature the same ride characteristics across every size in the range. Not only this, but it also allowed us to significantly drop the frame weight, so the CruX now comes in around a scant 900 grams for a 56cm (*dependent on frame size and color)—over 400 grams lighter than the previous frameset. A light and stiff frame, alone, isn't useful in a 'cross race if it isn't compliant, however, which is why the new CruX also combines stiffness and compliance in all the right places. And to assist with the latter, we lowered the seat collar by two centimeters for more exposed seatpost and cushion for big hits. We also know that cyclocross races are often won in the corners and over the barriers, which is why the CruX geometry takes this into account. The top tube has been designed for easy shouldering when you're hopping off to clear barriers, as it features a large opening to the front triangle and a flat bottom. For stability in the corners and on off-camber sections, the geometry has a low bottom bracket and a sharp front-end. This combination also helps to initiate corners, regardless of the terrain. With maximum mud-shedding ability in mind, we included eight millimeters of clearance on all sides of a 33mm tire, providing plenty of clearance for muddy conditions. After all, frame weight becomes irrelevant when it's covered in 10 pounds of mud.


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